Denmark 2022/23| School Program

I am from Belgium, I am queer and currently on an exchange in Denmark with AFS. For a long time, I wanted to study abroad. First, I imagined it to be in a country outside of Europe until I found out about the concept of a folk high school where you live at the school, can choose a lot of non-traditional subjects and have no exams or tests. The school I’m in now also has a lot of internationals. I fell in love with it and I just had to go to Denmark.

Luckily the people in Denmark are generally tolerant towards queer people and the folk high school culture enhances it even more. One of the subjects I chose was Body, Sexuality and Gender in which I got to know the Danish and international view on it. Soon I will have the subject Genderbender in which we will define and redefine gender norms. I never thought I would do anything like this in school.

I had read some things about the culture before but I never believed people would be so nice. I feel safe here in many ways, I can experiment and no one will judge me. I am so grateful I can have this experience.

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