Everything about your intercultural youth exchange

This part of the website is specifically about the experiences of queer exchange students and volunteers and how they perceive or have perceived their respective sexual and gender identity during the exchange or volunteer service and afterwards.

It is about German rainbow families who have taken in a young person as a host family for a longer period of time, and the perspective of young German people who have lived abroad with a rainbow family. You can find all of this in the testimonials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we have compiled them in detail in order to provide initial answers. They are mostly to be understood as examples. Important information, especially for trans* and non-binary participants and their host families, is also provided our Special Editions.

Also, there is an overview of our workshops.

For further questions with e.g. other initial situations, just Get in touch with us!

Have you already decided to do an exchange?

If you already know that you want to do an exchange, first look at your options. All information about the various programs AFS offers during the school time or for young adults, as a host family or for volunteers can be found on the AFS website.

Also, you can consider whether the AFS Rainbow Scholarship is something for you. It's specifically aimed at young people who openly identify as LGBTQIA*, can thus act as role models for others and are involved in their social environment.