About us

Who or what is QueerExchange?

We are a group of volunteers and staff at AFS Germany advocating for gender and sexual diversity in student exchanges and international voluntary service.

QueerExchange acts as a mouthpiece, and wants to be present, to increase the visibility of queer people, and to work towards queerness becoming a matter of course - also internationally!

Why does QueerExchange exist?

Queer, i.e. lesbian, gay, bisexual and pansexual as well as trans, intersex and non-binary people are part of the German and international diversity of life and their identity and needs must be respected and taken into account. Unfortunately, tolerant and respectful interaction on many levels – including internationally – is not yet a matter of course.

How does it work?

QueenExchange is getting involved, clarifies things through Workshops and info stands and raises awareness about sexual and gender diversity, in order to reduce reservations and insecurities in dealing with one another. Sometimes there are eye-opening moments and occasionally, clarifications will really take a load off one's mind!

We at QueerExchange are there to help! We answer questions, find regional contact persons if necessary, help with difficulties in mutual understanding and feel responsible when people reach their limits because something is presented as "queer".