Queer Method Kit

We compiled a range of methods and exercises from current human rights and sexual education literature (see “Links and Literature”) that can be used in a context of intercultural exchange and queer educational work.

Dealing with queer issues sensitizes and expands the awareness to learn to appreciate the diversity of the world and to treat one another with respect.

The kit contains an introduction, instructions for use and practice, as well as a short guide on possible first steps in difficult situations and the creation of a so-called“Safer Space”. Each instruction is briefly outlined with the aims, procedure and notes, and some are accompanied by useful materials such as photos. For case scenarios, which are examples of everyday situations in exchange contexts, possible solutions can be discussed in groups.

We'd like to emphasise that each method should be adapted to the target group. Age, language skills and the nature and objectives of an event should always be taken into account.

There are some things I'd like to address without framing them as a problem. The Queer Method Kit offers easy approaches to doing this. I like that there's space to reflect on yourself, things that are not (yet) understood are treated with respect and differences can be challenged and used productively. The Queer Method Kit provides me with good approaches for working with groups.

The Queer Method Kit can be found in the download area of the AFS intranet afser.de. If you don't have access to afser.de, please Get in touch .