Queer Game Collection

We compiled various methods and games from the current human rights and sex education literature (see “Links and Literature”) that can be used in a context of intercultural exchange and queer educational work.

The collection consists of an introduction, notes on use and practice, and a brief guide to possible first steps in difficult situations and on how to create a so-called “Safer Space”. Each guide is briefly explained with the objective, process and comments and some with additional helpful materials such as photos. Possible solutions can be found in discussion rounds for case studies that represent exemplary situations from exchange programs.

We expressly point out that every game should be adapted to the target group accordingly: Age, linguistic abilities and the type and objective of the event should always be taken into account.

Dealing with queer issues sensitizes and expands the awareness to learn to appreciate the human diversity of the world and to treat one another with respect.

“I would like to address some things without addressing them through a problem. The queer game collection offers an easy entry point to do this. I like that there is space to deal with oneself, that what is not understood is respected and that differences can be challenged and used. The queer game collection gives me successful approaches for working with groups.”

You can find the game collection in the download area of the AFS intranet afser.de. If you don't have access to afser.de, please Get in touch .