France 2018/19 | school program

My name is Henry and I was in France with AFS in 2018/19. It is not an exaggeration to say that through QueerTausch I was able to fulfill my year-long desire to go abroad - as a trans* person it was not easy to find a place in one of my dream countries. France wasn't one of them then, but I was lucky enough to get a call from Shuggi and ended up with my (now second) family in Lille. The openness of my (host) family has brought me light years further on my way to a new culture and to myself. I will never forget our conversations together at the table, while playing games or during long car journeys, which I probably would never have had with my own German family. In my everyday life in France, being queer was not a question, but a fact.

I am grateful for all these experiences and especially the QueerTausch team for their wonderful work! <3

Biss and very best regards to all,

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