QueerExchange is Queergestreift

We are super proud to be part of the beautiful book Queergestreift by Kathrin Köller and Irmela Schautz! They cover people, stories, terminology and organizations from all parts of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and deal with social, health and legal issues. On top of that, the book looks phenomenal!

All information can be found on the publisher's website. As a small excerpt, we are sharing the lead and teaser of the interview with Bene from QueerTausch here.

QueerExchange, a group within AFS Germany, a non-profit organization that enables students and young adults to spend time abroad with host families or do voluntary work within a global network of partner organizations, has been around for a little over ten years. Benedict uses they/them pronouns and belongs to a group of volunteers who make sure that young queers from Germany feel comfortable abroad. And vice versa, they are also looking for good host families in Germany for young queer people from all over the world.

Kathrin Köller & Irmela Schautz (2022): Queergestreift. Munich: Hanser, p. 237.