Germany 2013/14 | school program

1. When and where were you abroad? 

2013-2014 in Germany.

2. When you applied, did you know that you were bisexual, transsexual or homosexual? 

I already knew it, but the exchange experience gave me the strength to accept it.

3. Was your sexual orientation or sexual identity an issue for you during your stay? 

Yes, was actually one of the most important topics for me, especially at the beginning of the exchange year, because you have too much time for yourself.

4. If you had a coming out: What were the reactions of those around you (host family, circle of friends, AFS people, supervisors, school or project)? 

In Germany everything was easier than I thought. My circle of friends, AFS people, carers, school etc. as well as my host family didn't take it at all, I mean quite normal, not as something you shouldn't be, but as something that isn't a problem, just that of course is. That made me very happy.

5. How did those around you in your home country react? 

In Colombia I only came out with my group of friends and it was really good. Unfortunately I'm not strong enough yet to tell my parents.

6. What helped you? What would you have wished for?

Clearly my exchange year, QueerTausch, my friends from Colombia and the other exchange students, including some who went through the same situation. I believe everything is as it should be. I wouldn't have wished for anything else, it comes as it comes, and as it comes, it turns out well.

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