Belgium (Flanders) 2018/19 | School Program

Hello, I did my exchange in 17/18 to Belgium Flanders for a year, and at that time I didn’t know that I was pansexual and non-binary (gender-fluid). During my exchange, we went to some parties in Liège and there I was questioning about my sexuality. It was nothing concrete, I was just experimenting and trying to find out myself.

Everything happened when I came back from my exchange, that I knew that I wasn’t straight but even there I wasn’t sure about it and I couldn’t find a term to define myself. If I had known my sexuality and my gender before my exchange, I don’t know if something would have been different but nowadays I know that I’m a completely different person after my exchange and I am completely thankful for that year because I could focus on myself.

I think at this point my exchange was perfect because I could get to know myself and discovered who I was. Before that year I kind of knew that I wasn’t straight but I wasn’t sure, so I had to try and have experience to know for sure.

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